Egadi Islands


Tour Egadi

Book your boat holiday to the Egadi Islands starting from Marsala. An experience that will allow you to discover the wonders of the "Egadi Islands" offering you all the comforts accompanied by an expert skipper.

The Egadi archipelago is made up of the main islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, which together with the islet of Formica and the rock of Maraone form the Marine Protected Area, a unique area for lovers of diving and crystal clear waters.


The "Egadi" Islands have always been a destination linked to sailing holidays, due to the climate, the winds and the different itineraries that the archipelago offers in all its beauty. The archipelago is a protected marine reserve suitable for diving and snorkeling, the Aegadian Islands differ from each other in geology, flora and landscape and underwater variety and are the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.

The three islands that make up the Egadi archipelago are:

  • Favignana, it whose shape resembles a large butterfly lying on the sea. Visitors are enchanted by its enchanted nature, a place where time seems to stand still. Favignana is the Egadi island that has benefited the most from the activities related to tuna fishing over time, making it, even today, a popular destination for lovers of this fish.

  • Marettimo, it is the wildest and most unspoiled island of the Egadi. It is very rich in caves, both emerged and submerged and has about 400 of them. The island has few beaches reachable from land precisely because of its geomorphological conformation, among these we can mention the beautiful Cala Bianca with its small and suggestive basin and wonderful pebble beach located on the slopes of the promontory of Punta Troia. Marettimo is the perfect destination for trekking lovers and divers thanks to the numerous marine cavities and caves, real hidden treasures for diving enthusiasts.

  • Levanzo, it is the smallest of the three islands of the Egadi, offers suggestive and secluded beaches of stones and sand located along the path that leads to the Faraglione. In the southeastern part of the island you can appreciate and enjoy the splendid waters of two coves, which can be reached both from land and sea: Cala Fredda, characterized by a pebble beach and a comfortable slide, and the wilder Cala Minnola. A rural area ideal destination for those who want to go trekking.

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